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5 reasons to work with John Gephart (ME) as your buyer's agent for The Launiu.

  1. I have helped multiple buyers purchase new development condominiums in Ward Village and am considered a preferred buyer's agent for the developer, Howard Hughes. This designation helps my clients get into the first sales release (friends and family) for The Launiu and future Ward Village projects.
  2. I have experience in working for 2 different Developers (Stanford Carr/Nan Inc.) so I am very well versed in the new development contracts and have represented over 70 buyers, representing these developers.
  3. I have stayed and slept overnight standing in line for my clients to help them get the best pick for multiple owner occupant releases at Ward Village. 
  4. I am a certified luxury property specialist and licensed residential broker for Coldwell Banker Realty. 
  5. I am a current condominium homeowner in Ward Village. I know what the new devlopemnt buying process is like first-hand and can greater assist you in becoming a new homeowner in Ward Village based on my own personal experience. 

There are not many agents that have this type of resume... ok, off my soap box...Now to introduce you to THE LAUNIU!

Aloha and welcome to THE LAUNIU, the newest residential luxury high-rise condominium to be developed by Howard Hughes Corporation in the Ward Village neighborhood of Kakaako. THE LAUNIU will be a 40-story tower with 486 condos and 21,726 square feet. ft. of office and retail space, as well as 78,310 sq. ft. of open space for recreation. THE LAUNIU will be located on the western (ewa) corner of Ward Avenue and Ala Moana Boulevard, and is the 11th tower in the 63-acre Ward Village Master Plan. This new Honolulu condo release will be the 4th condominium of 6 "Front Row" ultra-luxury condos in Ward Village, preceded by Waiea, Victoria Place, and Kalae. Arquitectonica will be the chosen architect and they will be joined by landscape architects VITA, who have extensive international experience. Interior designers ODADA completes the architectural/landscape/interior design team for THE LAUNIU that will bring a fresh new look to the Honolulu skyline. 

THE LAUNIU will be one of the last possibilities in Ward Village to acquire in the priceless front row location if you missed out on Victoria Place, Kalae, and Alia. Launiu will be situated where the Ward Village Farmers Market is held every Saturday at the intersection of Ala Moana Boulevard and Ward Avenue. Given that it was only recently discussed in the Ala Moana-Kaka’ako neighborhood conference, the information is still extremely preliminary.

With its strategic location between the Ward Village and Salt Kakaako neighborhoods, Launiu might offer a significantly more inexpensive option than Victoria Place and Kalae.

The Launiu at Ward Village will be developed in Land Block 5 of Pauahi neighborhood, on the ewa corner of Ward Avenue and Ala Moana Boulevard, directly next to the future Ka Lai O Kukuluaeo Park and diagonally across the street from Kalae and Ulana Ward Village. Launiu Ward Village is considered a front row condo development so it'll have clear views of the ocean and Diamond Head. The other front row condos in Ward Village are Kalae, Waiea, and Victoria Place - all luxury developments.

It's vital to keep in mind that there could be additional construction on the oceanside of Ala Moana Boulevard with a potential for a changing view plane as the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) pushes for their chance to develop Kaka’ako Makai or what they are calling Hakuone. Launiu will be situated in the center of Salt Kaka’ako, Ward Village, and any prospective future development at Hakuone.

While The Launiu will be located on the far end of Ward Village, many of the attractions like Ala Moana Shopping Center and Ala Moana Beach Park are still within walking distance. Its location is unique compared to other developments in Ward Village because it borders Our Kaka’ako, another master planned community with their own modern restaurants and trendy shops.

An area that is alive with street level activity brought about by new shops and restaurants, as well as improved sidewalks and public spaces, will be created by The Launiu's ground-level landscaping, creating an attractive and welcoming public interface with the pedestrian-oriented streetscapes of Auahi Street and Ward Avenue. As a result of the completion of the Waiea, Anaha, Ae'o, Ke Kilohana, 'A'ali'i, and K'ula residential neighborhoods, Kaka'ako is now a bustling urban neighborhood and a well-known tourist destination in Honolulu. The street level vibe has transformed throughout Ward Village, from South Shore Market to Whole Foods Market to Victoria Ward Park to Longs Drugs, thanks to the new residents.

Almost 2,500 homes, 40 eateries, cafes, and entertainment venues, 44 retail stores, and 52 specialized neighborhood services make up the Ward Village area. It actually is a masterfully built urban coastal structure intended to bring communities together through open areas.

The Launiu, which will be Ward Village's eleventh residential tower and be situated at the intersection of Ward Avenue and Ala Moana Boulevard, will be built. The structure will have a sweeping design that is reminiscent of Honolulu's international coastal architecture from the middle of the 20th century and will gaze out over Kewalo Basin. The façade will produce a three-dimensional appearance resembling the water along the podium. 

There isn't a lot of information available about this project right now, but what is being proposed is a 486-unit skyscraper with 90 condo units in the podium, the low-rise part of the building that wraps the tower on the Ward Avenue and Ala Moana sides. There will be 141 studios, 137 one-bedrooms, 143 two-bedrooms, and 65 three-bedroom units in the mix. The majority of the guest suites and studios will be located inside the podium, while each floor of the 40-story tower will include four 1-bedroom, four 2-bedroom, two studio, and two 3-bedroom apartments. The condos with two and three bedrooms will have lanais and be facing Diamond Head and the beach. At this time, it is unknown if the project will include affordable housing, but it is certain that the Launiu construction site is one of the few "First Row" plots of land in the Ward Village Master Plan, making it a valuable real estate in Kaka’ako even by Ward Village standards.

Lava stone, opus incertum, cerused white wood, and adze polished millwork are just a few of the premium materials used in the design of the building's upper-level residences. Deep, livable outdoor spaces can be found around the south side of the tower, and views toward Diamond Head are oriented by the tower's façade's dynamic and undulating lanais. Like waves in the limitless Pacific horizon, the dynamic lanai disappears into the sky.

The commercial area's ground floor should include about 20,000 square feet, which might be used for eateries, shops, and other such establishments consistent with Ward Village. 16,000 square feet of open green space, winding paths, and a ton of new landscaping will all be present. Residents will have plenty of outdoor space to contrast the urban charm of the area. These features will provide the walkways shade.

The tower will have beautiful landscaping and sculptural hardscape features, roomy sidewalks, and public art. Its design is influenced by mid-century coastal style architecture and utilizes a custom material palette. Also, the development will incorporate pedestrian-friendly streetscapes into its seamless integration with the neighborhood.

Complementing the mid-century coastal style architecture of its undulating tower, The Launiu features inviting ground-floor commercial space, landscaping and sculptural hardscape elements, generous sidewalks, public art, and visually interesting building materials, all of which are signature design elements highlighting its unique location as the ‘Ewa gateway to Ward Village. The building draws inspiration from and maximizes mountain and ocean view corridors.

Although being in the front row, Launiu does not have an oceanfront parcel. This means that instead of a degree of finish comparable to Victoria Place and Kalae, we can expect something more in line with Kalae and The Park Ward Village. Howard Hughes might tilt the tower slightly to match Kalae's orientation in order to improve views of the harbor and the ocean.

No floor plans have yet been made available. Launiu at Ward Village, on the other hand, is planned to begin building in late 2024 if approved.


The Launiu, like the preceding First Row condos in Ward Village, will exclusively provide Market Priced units; affordable housing will not be available. This makes sense given that Launiu's construction site is one of the few remaining "First Row" parcels of land in the Ward Village Master Plan and that, according to the developer, Ward Village has built 199 more affordable housing units than was necessary. The pedestal, a low-rise section of the project that surrounds the tower on the Ward Avenue and Ala Moana sides, will house (90) of The Launiu's homes.

The Launiu will feature a studio floor plan in addition to the one-, two-, and three-bedroom homes, which is unusual for premium condos in Honolulu, especially for those on the first row of Kaka’ako. Studio buyers in Kakaako had to settle for Second and Third Row towers like Aalii, The Park on Ward, and Ae'o up until this point.


On the first floor as well as the recreational deck on the seventh floor, The Launiu will provide a selection of upscale amenities. Initial features included a fitness center, teaching studio, multiple multi-purpose rooms, a sunset lanai, spa, catering kitchen, porte cochere, beach grass, numerous pools and cabanas, and a dog run.

Over 78,310 square feet will be devoted to recreation, which is more than three times the minimum requirement of 26,730 square feet. The leisure space is divided into 64,090 square feet of outdoor space and 14,220 square feet of indoor space. Both the parking area's deck and the ground level will have recreation areas. With various pools, Barbeque cabanas, a fitness center, and spas, we anticipate The Launiu's amenities to be similar to those of Anaha and Ko'ula. According to what we can currently discern, the outdoor facilities will be divided into two sections on the seventh floor.

The children's pool, playground, sunset lanai, and numerous cabanas are located on the Ewa Side. On the Diamond Head side along Ward Avenue, there is a "raised pool," lap pool, jacuzzis, beach lawn, and Sunset Lanai. A covered Pass-Through Lounge and corridors leading to several indoor amenities, including the fitness center, group workout classes, hydrotherapy baths, massage rooms, four multi-purpose rooms, and a catering kitchen, are situated in the heart of the amenity deck. Similar to earlier Ward Village condominiums, The Launiu will have a few Guest Suites that may be reserved for guests and are managed like hotel rooms.


The Launiu will have a capacity of 486 units, but because price is still being determined, it has not yet been disclosed. The floor plans will be divided into the following sizes in accordance with the proposals that have been submitted: 141 studio apartments, 137 units with one bedroom, 143 units with 2 bedrooms, 65 units with 3 bedrooms.

The material that was just mentioned relates to an ongoing endeavor. Verification is required for all information.